Street view of the Berlin Farmer's Market

Berlin Farmer’s Market Favorites Pt. 1

When it comes to fresh, local, and organic food and treats, the Berlin Farmer’s Market is the number one spot for the best of the best. At Worcester County Economic Development, we love seeing our local businesses thrive all the time, but seeing the turnout for the local farmer’s market is something else. 

These businesses and so many others have become cherished staples in people’s weekly grocery hauls. We reached out to three Berlin farmer’s market favorites to get the inside scoop on the delicious treats they offer to the community.

BAKED Dessert Cafe

BAKED Dessert Cafe makes you feel like part of the family with every bite of handmade, delicious goodness. Robin Tomaselli grew up coming to Ocean City, MD in the summers and when the opportunity presented itself to open a bakery in the historic small town, she jumped at the chance. Berlin, MD is now her permanent home of residence as she and her husband opened BAKED in April of 2010. Before the move, Robin previously owned a small, all-natural gourmet cupcake business in Montgomery County, MD.

Her love of baking comes from family traditions and making creampuffs with her grandmother. When it became her turn to bake for all of the family celebrations, it grew from there and her bakery business was born. BAKED is an all-natural bakery using only the finest ingredients for sweet and savory desserts and custom orders. In true small business fashion, the baked goods are made fresh in the shop every day. Enjoy a variety of cakes/pies by the slice, cookies, creampuffs, cheesecake, cupcakes, bread pudding, biscuits, and more. BAKED is also home to the Original Peach Dumpling—the official dessert of Berlin by proclamation of the Mayor! 

BAKED loves its customers and customer service is the number one priority. Small businesses aren’t always easy to run, but the support makes it all worth it. “We appreciate the customers who choose to shop small and local,” Robin says. “We shop small and local and encourage others to do the same so that small businesses will continue to be part of the lifeblood of the American economy.” Plus, the next generation of BAKED is already on its way with Robin’s youngest daughter Sophia joining in on the baking and loving every minute of it, following in her family’s footsteps.

Gilbert’s Provisions

Gilbert’s Provisions has broadened Berlin’s horizons to the taste of high-quality cured and fermented foods, cheeses, artisan charcuterie, and pickles since opening in 2017. Toby Gilbert, who’s been local to the area all his life, is the chef, and owner of Gilbert’s Provisions. While searching for something more beyond the restaurant life, Toby saw the opportunity for a specialty shop in town and knew he had the knowledge to provide great products to the community. The shop provides unique items, hand-picked, from domestic and foreign countries, as well as house-made creations. 

Gilbert’s Provisions offers pantry items and sides that include cured meat, pickled and fermented foods, charcuterie, and cheeses that are always coming in. New products and ingredients continue to be featured with a wide variety of options to choose from—although Toby does his best to keep the most popular items in stock. 

As the chef and owner, having extensive knowledge about the products is crucial to providing a good experience for his customers. Gilbert’s Provisions creates custom-made charcuterie boards tailored to the customer’s liking and is always ready to give expertise on the products. “People are comforted by a well-versed staff member and are often interested [in] what they’re seeing,” Toby says. There’s something for everyone at this unique shop with a large pool of customers frequenting his business. “Luckily cheese, cured meat, and pickles are universally loved and craved.” 

Mandala Pies

Mandala Pies makes beautiful pies for beautiful people! Located in Vienna, MD, Mandala Pies brings their delicious baked goods to the Berlin farmer’s market where they have become a popular stop. Caitlin LaComb is the founder and driving force behind Mandala Pies. As an OEF veteran, mother, and wife, she hasn’t always been a pie baker, but practice made perfect and she’s been baking sweet and savory pies ever since.

Mandala Pies are made from scratch with organic and local ingredients. Caitlin and her team operate on the golden rule of adding joy and happiness to the world through every pie and exchange with their customers. Caitlin says, “We take customer service [and] the customer experience very seriously. You can either add beauty to this world or take it away, and every encounter/exchange of words matters.” 

The love is evident throughout their business. Many customers are drawn to their bakery doors or market tent for being a real family who loves giving back to the community. The sweet and savory artisan pies can be made to order for all sorts of events and occasions or to enjoy at any time. Stay tuned for the brand new bakery opening soon for Mandala Pies at 15 William St. Berlin, MD!

We’re definitely the lucky ones to have these delicious businesses and goodies in our town. Worcester County Economic Development is excited to keep diving into our favorite farmer’s market spots to showcase the great local businesses in the area. Check out more here!


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